Purse Sling


Purse Sling

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The stylish leather Purse Sling is spacious and practical. Don’t miss out – grab yours today!

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    A Proudly Premium African Collection Product

    🌟 The Versatile Leather Purse Sling: Where Elegance Meets Functionality 🌟

    Crafted for the Curious, Designed for the Daring

    👜 Handmade Excellence: Our ladies leather Purse Sling is more than an accessory; it’s an ode to craftsmanship. Each stitch, each fold—meticulously shaped from quality leather hides. This isn’t just a purse; it’s a legacy waiting to be carried.

    🌸 Options Unleashed: Imagine a world where your purse adapts to your whims. The adjustable strap dances between your shoulder and across your body, ensuring comfort on every adventure.

    1. Shoulder Chic: Let it sling gracefully from your shoulder, a companion for city strolls and café musings.
    2. Cross-Body Confidence: Strap it across your chest—the embodiment of hands-free elegance.

    🔗 Strap Magic: But wait, there’s more! Detach the strap, and behold—a traditional leather sling purse emerges. Slide it into your matching leather handbag, and suddenly, you’re a symphony of style.

    🌿 The Main Act: Unlock the secrets of the main purse section:

    • Financial Harmony: Four internal compartments—notes, bills, dreams neatly partitioned.
    • Card Sonata: Eight spaces for your plastic companions—credit, loyalty, and perhaps a secret love letter.
    • Coin Sanctuary: A zip guards your coins, their jingle echoing tales of marketplaces and far-off lands.
    • YKK Zipper: Security personified—your essentials cocooned in trust.

    📜 The Second Chapter: Flip the flap, and a new world unfolds:

    • Notes & Beyond: Two additional sections—notes, ID, passport—all find their cozy corners.
    • Card Symphony Continues: Ten more spaces—like a deck of cards, each holding a fragment of your story.
    • Cellphone Nook: A snug spot for your digital companion, nestled alongside other documents.
    • Dimensions That Fit Dreams: Approximately 20cm (l) x 10cm (w) x 4cm (d)—compact yet capacious.

    🎨 Nature’s Brushstroke: Leather, like life, is unpredictable. The hues, the patina—they dance to their own rhythm. Embrace the quirks; they’re your purse’s signature.

    🌟 Claim Yours: This isn’t just a purse; it’s a passport to possibility. The scent of leather, the softness under your fingertips—it’s an invitation to explore, to create, to be uniquely you.

    Proudly locally made in the Western Cape by Dirty Leather Bags.

    Note: As with all natural things, the hues may sway differently in reality. Let your purse tell its tale—one stitch at a time. 🌿👜

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