Patch Sling


Patch Sling

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Our Patch sling is guaranteed to add colour to your world, grab your leather sling bag today!

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    🌈 Get Ready to Flaunt Your Patchy Pride! 🌍

    Attention, Leather Lovers! Our Patch Sling Bag is like a canvas of African vibes. It’s not just a bag; it’s a colorful story stitched together. Let’s dive in:

    1. 🎨 Patchwork Magic: Imagine a quilt made of leather—each patch has its own tale. From fiery reds to earthy browns, it’s a rainbow of African hues. 🌟
    2. 🎒 Comfy Compartments:
      • Main Event: The main compartment is like the heart of the bag. It’s got an inner zipped pouch—your secret stash for treasures.
      • Sidekicks: On either side, we’ve got outer zip pockets. They’re like the cool cousins who hold your extra stuff—lip balm, sunglasses, and maybe a lucky charm or two. 🕶️
    3. 🚀 Versatility Vibes: Whether you’re exploring the city streets or dancing under the stars, this sling bag is your partner in crime. It’s like having a mini adventure strapped to your side. 🌆
    4. 📏 Dimensions That Fit Dreams:
      • Length: 24 cm (because life’s too short for tiny bags).
      • Width: 4 cm (because slim is in).
      • Height: 24 cm (because you’ve got dreams to carry).
    5. 🌟 Leather Love Note: Remember, leather is like a mood ring—it changes color and patina with time. So embrace the quirks—it’s what makes your bag uniquely yours. 🌿

    Ready to rock the patchwork runway? 🛍️ Check it out on the Dirty Leather website and let your style speak volumes! 🗣️✨

    Proudly made by Dirty Leather Bags in the Western Cape.

    Have a look at our Elize from Dirty Leather. Practical and stunning.

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    Dimensions 24 × 4 × 24 cm


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