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Our Story

Our story began in 2018. The name Dirty Leather Bags was born after looking at some rough, yet beautifully hand-made crafts. They couldn’t be described in any way other than dirty! Hence our name was born. 
Can you imagine owning your own unique and hand-crafted leather companion? No two will ever be the same.
Why you may ask? Because each item is individually crafted by people passionate about their calling. Whatever you choose, it is sure to become your friend for life!
Local crafters, and some from rural regions of South Africa and Zimbabwe, provide our beautiful creations.  And so,  due to the curing methods in the remote locations, some hides may have slight imperfections; thus adding to the character and uniqueness of your purchase.
We will launch our new and branded “Dirty Leather” and Premium African ranges around October 2020, with stunning new products. Currently, we offer handbags, tote bags, sling bags, purses and wallets, belts messenger bags, manbags, and other exciting products. 
We also supply computer bags, backpacks, gym, and travel bags. Our story will include a new and branded range of outdoor and sportswear, as well as rifle bags, early in 2021.
Let us know your requirements, and we will source or design and make your bespoke leather creation.
We founded Dirty Leather Bags in July of 2018, with the aim of promoting local crafters and their skills. We encouraged our partners to participate in local and regional markets in their own right.  And so, at Dirty Leather, we began our own journey trading on local markets in the Helderberg and Stellenbosch areas.

What now?

Now, due to COVID 19, this sadly has had to be put on hold. So as to keep our loyal and valued clients happy, we have expanded into an online store. By doing this, we know that we are going to enable more people to have the pleasure of having ” a friend for life”.
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